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Car Buy Video

Where you can reach millions of buyers in a matter of minutes
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About "Car Buy Video"
Availability... "Car Buy Video" is available world wide to everyone that has access to a computer, tablet or smart phone or knows someone that does. 

Placing an Ad is easy   To place an ad on Car Buy Video, Just take a video using your smart phone or video camera and email it to Car Buy Video. We will do the rest.

Thank you for choosing "Car Buy Video" and please check back often.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact our advertising team at ...
"Car Buy Video" is a new automobile advertising website based in California. Although we are based in California,  we have visitors from around the world. "Car Buy Video" was developed for you to buy or sell your vehicles by using videos as well as pictures. With all of today's great 
technology and mobility, we thought 
that it was time to update the way 
people buy and sell their vehicles.
Building Trust...

Sometimes it can be very difficult for a buyer to really see the condition of a vehicle.  

 Car Buy Video helps you see details by using video. This video can be zoomed to a full screen just by clicking a button on the bottom right hand side of the video. 


Today's technology also allows us to easily share with others. Links can be shared by email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Myspace among many other social media platforms. This means that your ad can be seen by millions of people and can sell much faster than ever before.
Buy or Sell a car by using video instead of just pictures. Take a video using your cell phone and email it to Car Buy Video.